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A Revolutionary Social Enterprise Specialising in Ethical Communication

Life is a journey, but for charities, non-profit organizations and social enterprises it can be a winding road, so think of our agency as a one-stop-village as you travel. Our StexFGiving community provides you with the advice you need on social media, web design, communication, marketing and campaigns. We can give you a bit of a rest, re-tool you, and freshen you up so you can continue along the road to your destination.



We are specialised in "Ethical Communication" and all our services are bespoke and designed for Charities, Non-Profit organisations and Social Enterprises.


An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. The importance of it spans from the initial design and build-up of your identity to licensing it accordingly to your mission and ethics.


Having a communication strategy in place and a tailored content and ethical marketing policies can make a clear difference in your sustainability plans and community impact. We are here to help you plan and deliver what you need and what is right.

Ethical Marketing

Ethics are an abstract subject that can easily be overlooked in the digital world. We have a team of ethically minded marketing people with knowledge and expertise to support you and preserve the integrity of your cause or mission.


One of the best way to network and fundraise is direct marketing. Events are at the core of it but not one of the easiest thing to organise and manage. Starting from the venue selection to the promotion of them we can do that for you.

Digital Media

An effective video and a responsive websites with a fresh look and a high engagement rate is the window to your audience. Very few of them are specifically designed for Social activities and that is what we do! Together with SEO, Mailing list and CRM implementation.

Graphic Design

Your logo or business card, a banner for a fundraising event, a presentation about one of your projects or to a potential donor/investor, are just few of the tools we can design and deliver for your brand and image benefits.

Social Media

Managing social media is a daunting task. Building an online presence through them is even more difficult and time consuming. Our team can take it over and provide a full management service for your peace of mind.


New ways of fundraising are coming up to support charitable or social projects. Our experts, solid strategy, marketing tools, PR support and a very well planned communication campaign makes it a success.



Q: We have big dreams! How can communication help us accomplish them?
Communication is the way of making people aware of your cause and social impact plans. Ethical communication is very different from business communication. At StexFGiving we are specialists and we will make sure your voice is heard in the best format to attract funding and support your dreams.



Q: How can we make sure our goals are sustainable?
Sustainability is a must in the Third and Fourth Sectors. We, in the first place, are creating the future and sustainability of our company and our vision to change the market. We know what we do and our mission is to guide you to the same results.



Q: How can we access professionals with the right expertise to achieve our goals?
StexFGiving is the only company specialised in ethical communication. We design your communication strategy with a team of expert employees in different disciplines, as well as in collaboration with a wide variety of specialists. Think of us as a HUB of knowledge and resources there for your benefit.



Q: There are so many communication channels and tools out there, how do we keep up to date with everything we should be doing?
You don't have to. We are here to do it all for you. From content creation to campaign execution.



Q: We have limited resources in terms of manpower and funds, how can we maximise what we have to work with?
StexFGiving is a new entity on the market. Our mission and purpose is to bridge the gaps, and help you do the same. Let us manage your marketing budgets and campaigns, and we will provide you with all the resources and support you need.



Q: How can we ensure what we are doing will have the impact we want?
At StexFGiving we are there for you. We will get to where you want to be, and monitor progress along the way. If you share your objectives and goals with us we can be in control of the results together.



Q: How do we know what kind of advertising/marketing tools we should be utilising?
You don't have to. We will recommend the right channels, and explain the reasons why. No more headaches because of too many choices.

unique message


Q: How do we make our message unique and stand out so it is heard?
As specialists in ethical communication we live and breath uniqueness. All our communication campaigns are bespoke; designed to respond to the mission and goals of our customers. Not unlike any other communication agency you might say - true to some extent - but we are different. Our agency was founded to overcome the problems that our founders encountered in their own Third and Fourth Sector experiences.



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